August 17, 2019


The international three years Bachelor’s program in Science and Technology at the University of Tartu, Estonia has innovative content and comprises selected parts of all that is taught in the Faculty of Science and Technology. It provides a broad overview of natural and exact sciences and technologies. In the first year, the students study subjects which give good basic knowledge and prepare for work with modern technologies and materials. Later it is possible to choose a suitable field of specialization, based on the acquired knowledge about different fields.

Students can choose a combined specialization in either genetics and biotechnology; bioengineering and robotics; or chemistry and materials science. The general objective of the curriculum is to provide the graduates with a broad-based academic education in the natural sciences, which enables continuing studies on the Master’s level or commencing work in professions that require basic knowledge in the field and simpler working skills, such as at monitoring centres, different technological enterprises and laboratories as a member of a technologically competent lab personnel. So after graduation, students may either continue their studies in any field of natural science or work for a technology company.