Combining Incongruous

💡 Last weekend Science& Technology and Bioengineering program director Dr. Ilona Faustova shared her brightest ideas at TEDxLasnamae on how to combine incongruous, conquer the fear of failure and try things that seem to be complicated at first glance.

“As a child, we solve puzzles or play quests. Science is something similar for me. You have a question with no answer, and you try to find it. Of course, it is not simple, there are difficulties in any job, but this process — finding the answer — can be very interesting and comparable to the game ” said our program director.

🌟 Dr. Ilona Faustova explained that in order to solve those puzzles Science&Technology students, starting already from the first year, can join Tartu TUIT team (Estonia iGEM) and participate in the worldwide synthetic biology competition iGEM. This is a unique chance for undergraduates to break out their comfort zone and look at complex things from many different perspectives. They work on each side of the project, from developing the idea, planning and making experiments, human practices, and public engagement, to searching for sponsors and making the team’s own website. 

⛳️ As a result, S&T students not only acquire practical, social and teamwork skills but also gain invaluable experience in discovering new things by combining incongruous.