University of Tartu Senate confirmed the foundation of the new Institute of Bioengineering

On the 16th of June, 2023, the University of Tartu Senate voted to establish new institute – Institute of Bioengineering.

Initially, the primary source of funding for the institute will be the DIGIBIO project, led by Professor Mart Loog.

It will at first brings together four research groups with a shared interest and expertise in bioengineering to establish a world-class scientific institute focused on synthetic biology and bioengineering. This institute will include a Bioengineering Digitalisation Platform (BDP), enabling research and development activities, as well as the development of relevant educational programs.

Through the DIGIBIO project’s objectives, methodology, and vision, the newly established institute will ensure the broader development of expertise in synthetic biology and bioengineering, along with the necessary infrastructure and academic growth within the university.